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Electric enclosures are the most common cause of fires in electrical installations.

The MAUS Stixx PRO series is a revolution in fire suppression and consists of award-winning small units that are easily placed in electric enclosures to prevent the fire from spreading from the electric enclosure to the building.

Advantages of the MAUS Stixx PRO series

Does not harm electric components.

No electricity, no pressure and no battery needed.

Protects from 0,1 m³ to 5 m³ (chain connection).

100% non-toxic and environmentally friendly potassium mix.

Small and portable size.

Activation at a very low temperature 170°C.

Become a certified installer!

IMPORTANT! To be able to install the MAUS Stixx PRO series in someone else’s property other than your own, you need to be certified. As a certified installer, you will have the possibility to register each installation using unique QR codes that you place on the outside of the electric enclosures. With the QR codes every electric enclosure will have it’s own website with information about the installation. You can do the training now online and get certified. The training takes about 15-30 minutes. See a short summary with clips from the training video to the right. The introduction (the first part of the training) is free and you will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.


“MAUS product is ingenous! Simple with focus on safety!” ⁠That’s what the jury members Ivan Ahlenblom at Elinstallatören and Ninni Blom at the Swedish Electricians’ Association said when they named MAUS Stixx PRO as the Electrical Innovation of the Year. ABB (ASEA Brown Boveri) had won two years in a row, but this time MAUS took the first place. MAUS Stixx PRO has also won innovation awards in Ireland and France in the past year.

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The MAUS Stixx PRO series is a Swedish innovation and, in addition to worldwide trademark protection, has both design and utility patents.

“The aerosol is in the form of a potassium compound. Potassium radicals can stop the chemical reactions taking place in a fire by neutralizing hydrogen, oxygen and hydroxy radicals in the flame. The fine fire extinguishing particles are a very effective extinguishing agent. Small particles will float in the surrounding air a longer time compared to larger particles. The extended floating time can contribute to increased protection against re-ignition.”

| Bergenstråhle & Partners
IP Partner for MAUS. Est 1934.


Marcus Friborn
Chief Operator Fire Prevention Länsförsäkringar (2nd largest Swedish Insurance Company)

”We have started installing MAUS Stixx PRO at a select number of our customers now.”

Victor Frohberg
Operational Manager at 3RB Electric

”Almost too good to be true”.

Tobias Ytterman
Kilvikens Estates in Sundsvall, Sweden.

u0022It’s a fantastic product, it should be just as obvious to have a Stixx PRO in every electrical cabinet as it is to have a circuit breakeru0022

Linus Jönsson
VÄ Electrical AB

u0022Absolutely amazing. Dead on target! Really good I must say. In addition, there is also no damage to the electricity”.

Michael Wångnell
Everöds Electrical Company

u0022Stixx PRO is brilliant! Almost too good to be true!u0022

Fatos Sadriu
Electric Engineer, Kristianstad

u0022Very good preventive product where there is a risk of fireu0022.

Reasons for fires in electrical enclosures

Badly routed or old cables

Even electricity has a best-before date, and when this is passed, the electricity system poses a risk. It is age that causes old materials to weather and also the influence of the surrounding materials.

Lightning strikes

“At half past nine, an alarm was received about the smell of smoke in a villa in Slafsinge just north of Falkenberg. The emergency services suspect that a lightning strike is the cause. The fire must have started in the villa’s electrical central.” Source Swedish Television: SVT

Bad components

If the electronics are cheap, it is probably the case that inferior components and materials were used. To compensate for the poor earnings, these are manufactured in mass editions, says Tomas Ekman at Länsförsäkringar Insurance Company ( Electrical material is also a consumable with a limited lifespan.

Loose components

If everything is not tight and the contacts are loose, it will easily become hot inside the electrical center and if it is not detected in time, it can after a while result in a fire. A gaping main fuse can be a death trap.


Fashion Industry, Italy

“Biemme Galvanico decided to take action and implement MAUS preventive fire protection to avoid fires in their power stations.”

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Food production, Sweden

“This year (2022), we took fire protection to a new level by bringing in MAUS preventive fire protection, says Fredrik Ekenberg, Electrical Manager at Dafgårds.”

Mining Industry, Chile

“Before we made the decision to implement MAUS in our facilities, tests were done to ensure their effectiveness,” says Alex Leon, Head of Emergency at Codelco.


MAUS Stixx PRO is CE certified with a Modul B certification from BAM ( and a Modul E certification from Fiditas ( For every batch we produce we conduct tests for a specific number of units to ensure the quality, prestanda and functionality. To access the complete documentation please contact us here.


MAUS Stixx Pro (0,1m³)

Art no:1350-1
Protected Space:0,1 m³ / 3,53 ft³
Dimensions:9.8×1.8x1cm / 3,9×0,7×0,4 in
Weight:26 g / 0,91 oz
Warranty:5 years (6 year lifespan)
Operational Temperature:-30°C to 70°C / -22°F – 158°F
Discharge Time:7s
Activation Temperature:170°C+10°C / 338 °F
Certifikate:CE 2829

MAUS Stixx Pro 5 (0,5m³)

Art no:1360-1
Protected space:0,5 m³ / 17,65 ft³
Dimensions:7,6×7,6×2,2 cm / 3x3x0,9 in
Weight:130 g / 4,6 oz
Warranty:5 years (6 year lifespan)
Operational Temperature:-30°C to 70°C / -22°F – 158°F
Discharge Time:7s
Activation Temperature:170°C+10°C / 338 °F
Certifikate:CE 2829

MAUS Stixx Pro 10 (1m³)

Art no:1370-1
Protected space:1 m³ / 35,3 ft³
Dimensions:7,6×7,6×2,2 cm / 3x3x0,9 in
Weight:200 g / 7,1 oz
Warranty:5 years (6 year lifespan)
Operational Temperature:-30°C to 70°C / -22°F – 158°F
Discharge Time:7s
Activation Temperature:170°C+10°C / 338 °F
Certifikate:CE 2829

Certified Companies

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